Sound Healing

Kerri has found the gift of sound to be a powerful way to heal, both on and off the mat. She loves to use quartz crystal bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, chimes, the harmonium, rain sticks, drums, and chanting throughout her practice. She hosts sound-healing workshops with the intention for healing through pure awareness and vibration.

Each sound impacts the body in a different way, depending on what one is willing and ready to receive. This is what Kerri has found to be true for each vibration: every sound is determined to find a rhythm as it enters the body.

Quartz crystal bowls are celestial, resonating sounds that help to lift energy from feeling heavy and overwhelming to feeling light, airy, and ethereal. They bring the mind into a state of circular flow, giving space to the brain and emotional body. The quartz crystal bowls have a special way of taking the listener to a different place, allowing them to ride on the sound waves. They can be overwhelming at first but, with time, the body slowly adjusts to this powerful force of energy.

Tibetan singing bowls are heavy and move energy down to earth, helping the listener firmly ground and sink deeply. These bowls, comprised of seven different metals, make you feel safe and protected, as if Mother Earth is allowing you to rest on her chest and listen to her heartbeat.

Chimes guide you into the moment, giving you an opportunity to pause.

Kerri knows how to play a few songs on her Harmonium. The harmonium gives her the opportunity to sing her prayers. Rain sticks offer the idea of moving water, helping the listening stay fluid, flexible and open as the healing progresses. Rain sticks give the gift of release and renewal.

Throughout Kerri’s pregnancy she was incredibly drawn towards the sound of the drums. She played them at every sound healing workshop she taught. She has continued to gravitate toward the sound of drums, with the feeling that this deep bellowing sound will keep her close to the nurturing force that is both womanhood and motherhood. She believes that drums heal the body, mind and heart by connecting us to the earth, helping us remember her rhythmic sound.

Chanting AUM is Kerri’s favorite chant to explore and nurture. She believes this sound is an energetic healer that brings the body, mind and heart into absolute balance. She loves that you can chant these primordial sounds without judgement or expectation because they are what they are, pure. Each sound of AUM connects to a different part of the body, which Kerri reminds her students, and herself, over and over again. It is the practice of finding these sounds, in order to remember what is always asking for our attention : our inner vibration, our inner rhythm, our inner world.