Prenatal Yoga/Birth and Postpartum Doula

Kerri has been a loving pre- and post-natal teacher of yoga from the beginning of her teaching path. Her heart wanted to be a part of assisting women and babies from pregnancy through birth. Kerri is also a trained Birth and Postpartum Doula, which she has found to be a beautiful addition to her classes. She believes that prenatal yoga is a wonderful way for expectant mothers to find strength of body, mind, and soul. Kerri encourages women to feel empowered during this precious time because feminine energy is power. She is a playful and nurturing teacher, always bringing her creative energy to her flow.

Since having a baby last year, Kerri has a deeper connection to mothers and mothers-to- be. She learned that every single day of pregnancy can be different, and meditation is the greatest gift while preparing for birth and postpartum. Teaching yoga throughout her pregnancy was a wonderful way for Kerri to connect to other moms. She credits this beautiful practice of yoga and meditation to her son’s peaceful entrance into this world. Nate was born on January 9, 2017 the day after a snowstorm. Her husband as well as her meditation teacher attended her birth, which was an amazing experience wrapped in light and awareness.