About Kerri

Kerri Kantor is a devoted practitioner of yoga and meditation. If she had to pick one word to describe her meditation practice, it would be devotion. She has been teaching yoga and meditation for over ten years and she believes meditation is at the heart of all that is good in her life. Her current meditation practice centers around the Divine Mother, a path that found her in 2011 when Kerri became a heartfelt devotee of Amma, the hugging Saint. Her path is the path of the Mother: love, patience, simplicity, and hard work.

Yoga is medicine. For Kerri, that means that the heart of yoga, which is meditation, can heal every part of your being on a daily basis. She sometimes quotes one of her favorite teachers, Maya Tiwari: “We are all healing all the time.” With a consistent practice, one develops a rhythm that assists the ability to know what is needed, in this moment. Yoga is an experience and an opportunity to get to know the inner world, where everything we look for can be found.

We are all healing all the time.

Kerri found Amma at a bookstore, after praying for the next step on her path. She was looking through the rows of spiritual books, which is one of her favorite ways to get answers from the divine, when she came across the book: Path of the Divine Mother. After reading the book cover to cover in two days, Kerri knew that the same voice that told her yoga was her path was telling her that Amma would open her heart to what was next. She accredits her nurturing quality to Amma, who has shown her the path of the Divine Mother. Kerri had the opportunity to go to Amritapuri, Amma’s Ashram in India, in 2013 and developed her meditation practice.

She received her spiritual name, Uma, from Amma. A spiritual name is said to inspire someone on the spiritual path. Uma translates as Parvati, Divine Mother, and bright one. Her heart stays open to the ebb and flow of life with Amma’s loving guidance.