You are hOMe.

You have found a place to land.

You do not have to look any longer for something else. Everything you need is in this moment.

Inhale. Exhale.

Move inside and find the space between breaths. Trust that space.

That space represents pure consciousness.

That space represents the place beyond suffering.

That space represents your immortal body.

That space is where we meet, connect, and find that we are the same.

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Have you heard?  I am pregnant with twin girls, due in September.  I will be on Maternity leave until January 2020, but look forward to getting on the mat as soon as I can.   I will miss you all dearly, and look forward to sharing my open heart with you soon.

Please keep in touch with your yoga and meditation practices!  You will make my day by reaching out.

Sending you love,

Uma Kerri