Welcome, members!

You are now on the path! Each day, we will meditate, going beneath the surface. You will find strength and support from your consistent daily meditation practice. You can listen to your meditations while doing just about anything. Meditate as one is about finding what feels right for you, and moving deeper into that space. You will develop a rhythm by trusting yourself and devoting time to your practice. With time, Your meditation practice will soon feel as natural as brushing your teeth and as important as eating. You will crave what meditation can give your inner world, your body, mind, and heart.

Please use this space as a safe haven for connection. Ask questions, release what is no longer needed, and offer support to others. This is a space to connect to each other in experience because we are all in this together with the common intention of building a firmly rooted daily meditation practice.

Let’s find “the still point in the turning world,” as T.S. Eliot suggested. We will explore our inner world collaboratively and see what it feels like when our meditation practice becomes the center of our world. That still point is what we seek no matter what we are doing.

Important links:

  • Meditations, where I’ll be posting our five weekly meditations
  • Discussion Board, where members can connect with both me and others to discuss their thoughts, experiences, and questions