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Meditation is the bliss that can be found in the present moment. We are constantly moving body, mind, and heart, which can make it difficult to find the magic that is right here and now. Building a daily meditation practice can make all the difference in our lives.

When we Meditate as One™, we build our meditation practice together. We often think we can do it on our own, but quickly lose sight of the reason we started in the first place. With guidance and support, we can build a practice that has roots. Staying grounded and rooted in our practice will help us explore the unknown. For me, meditation has become the protection I need from the harsh reality of everyday life. I feel guided and supported by my inner world, my teacher, and knowing that, no matter what happens throughout the day, I have my sadhana, my spiritual practice.

Meditate as One™ is an opportunity for us to come together in peace and intention, hoping to get to know ourselves better. Without judgement or expectations, we will explore our inner world, day after day. We will come together to commit to a discipline that will support our needs of body, mind, and spirit. We will remember why we meditate in the first place: the simple desire to move beneath the surface of everyday movement.

There is so much to be found within the stillness of meditation.

Meditate as One™ will help us build a deeper relationship with ourselves and each other as we nurture the practice. It is not a practice of needing to be better, but a practice of consistency and support. We trust that this path will provide what we need with simplicity and openness.

May our minds and hearts open together.

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