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Summer Retreat Part 1

I have been apprehensive to write my first blog post. I realize that this is silly, because the whole point of a blog is to take a moment to let go, release and hopefully connect with others.

I’m going on retreat with Amma, my yoga (the science of life) teacher. I could not be more excited. I’m driving 3.5 hours, with my 17 month old son and 8 year old niece. This should be an adventure, a pilgrimage.

Every spiritual retreat I have ever attended was a challenge to get to. As if the universe was testing my dedication to a sacred event. This time is no different. I am ready to soften and move into the beauty that is growth.

Since having Nate, I have held onto my spiritual practice as a life raft. Meditation, meditation, meditation. I sit on my mat, and wait for my body and mind to soften. My teacher is always there, guiding me, and I find that the yoga comes to life. Retreats help strengthen this inner knowing. Submerging myself in the practice, for an extended period of time, without gaps is the work of a yogi.

I will let you know how it goes.


Uma Kerri

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